DJA Member Benefits:

All certified and approved members paying the initial $1,000 one-time fee, will receive Lifetime Membership to the Distinguished Justice Advocates. There are no further or annual dues.

A website Link on the Distinguished Justice Advocates site is included in the first year of membership, and is offered at an optional $300 annual renewal fee afterward. Although there are many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Reputation Management benefits of a Distinguished Justice Advocates website back-link to a member site, this is completely optional for members. Members are not required to pay any annual or other fees or dues to maintain their membership status.

Members will receive a Distinguished Justice Advocate logo that recognizes you as one of the top 1% of all attorneys nationwide. Members are authorized to hold themselves out as members of the Distinguished Justice Advocates in any manner consistent with rules of professional conduct applicable in their jurisdictions.

Members may use the Logos and other identifying marks of the Distinguished Justice Advocates to indicate their membership subject to certain terms of use. Members may use such logos on websites, letterhead, business cards, advertising, etc. in any manner consistent with Rules of Professional Conduct applicable in members’ jurisdictions.

All members are listed in the online Member Directory. We have one of the most optimized directories available today. We’ve provided an alternative to google and yelp, or some of the larger websites by personalizing your attorney profile, enabling customer reviews, as well as make it easy to visit your social profiles such as facebook, justia, and AVVO.

Press Release – Upon acceptance, we will put out a national press release announcing confirmation as a Distinguished Justice Advocate member that will help your reputation, and can rank on Google when someone searches your name. That release will also be provided to you to be its own page on your website under Firm Awards or Firm News – Another SEO Benefit. The press release is sent directly to the member for distribution to appropriate publications, promotion to clients and referring attorneys.

Charter members all get priority in the search results with a “green” highlighted listings that makes it easy for potential clients to see your profile.

Finally, we provide members with a beautiful rosewood colored plaque that you can hang in your office.


SEO / Reputation Management Benefits of DJA Membership:

Members will receive a valuable SEO backlink from our highly-optimized DJA website that will point back to your website.  Members will also get Social Media links pointing to your Google+ listing, which will help your maps rankings.

We will build and optimize your DJA Personal Profile page to be ranked on Page 1 of Google when someone searches your name.  None of the other National Recognition websites have their clients on Page 1 when doing a name search.

Your Profile Listing will direct people not just to your personal profile on your website, but also to additional Relevant Social Media links such as:
Google+ / Maps Profile
Super Lawyers Profile
Martindale Hubbell Profile
AVVO Profile
Linkedin Profile
Facebook Business Profile
Yelp Business Profile
Twitter Business Profile

Recognized as an authority directory on Google:

DIstinguished Justice Advocates and Google Authority and Backlink

Here is an example of the authority that DJA has built with Google which in some searches appears in the knowledge panel. All of our customer profiles are rewritten and optimized for optimal results in Google when a potential client “Google’s” your name + attorney, or name + lawyer. This helps to reinforce social proof and helps with converting a potential client that may be in “research” mode into a perspective client.

Member Listings also include Schema markup that will connect with the authorship on your individual website. If your website has Schema markup on it now, it will help YOUR OWN website rank better too. If it doesn’t, we can advise to what to task your existing SEO company/webmaster.

The reputation management benefits are staggering. All of these valued resources will help you control what people see on Page 1 when they search your name.

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