The Distinguished Justice Advocates membership selection process is an in-depth analysis seeking the most well-regarded attorneys available for inclusion. As an elite invitation-only membership, Charter or Basic attorney members of Distinguished Justice Advocates must be eligible by meeting the preferred initial criteria. Distinguished Justice Advocates membership will include many of the top trial lawyers in the country. Eligibility is recognized through excellence and includes attorneys with national litigation practices, solo practices and small firms and large firms alike.

To preserve the integrity of this prominent organization, the distinction of this impressive membership is bound by the character of the attorneys who are invited to join. An invite is based on the superior criteria components outlined below:

  • Honors or awards
  • Achievement in trial results and/or verdicts
  • Credentials as an attorney in good standing
  • High degree of peer recognition
  • Professional experience, competence and success

Invitees may obtain the necessary criteria in the forms of:

  • Certified State Bar recognized specialist in particular practice area
  • Admission to prestigious trial lawyer groups, colleges or academies, including
    • SuperLawyers®
    • Million Dollar Advocates Forum©
    • The American College of Trial Lawyers

Additional invitational factors can include:

  • Successful attorney trial experience
  • Education
  • Attorney work background
  • Special certificates earned
  • Pro-bono work performed
  • Published materials by nominated attorney
  • Client satisfaction
  • Community involvement

By virtue of the incredible selectivity of our research process, only an elite few are invited to join the ranks of the Distinguished Justice Advocates. Specifically, less than 1% of practicing attorneys in the United States is recognized by this prestigious award and must demonstrate the highest ideals of the legal profession.


Distinguished Justice Advocates employs a multi-tiered selection process that evaluates eligible invitees to join the highly regarded ranks of membership. Compiling the information necessary to separate qualified membership candidates from their counterparts includes an extensive series of actions that include third-party research or an initial nomination by an elite attorney in their community.

The select attorney practice areas include most areas of litigation, including but not exclusive to personal injury, products liability, defense practice, malpractice, and business law.

Once the nominee’s identity is established, consideration for membership begins immediately. Distinguished Justice Advocates is an inclusive group that establishes its membership with the elite practicing legal community in the United States, making the process of induction complex and all-encompassing.

Our research department will begin with discretionary fact-finding sources, ensuring their eligibility requirements are met. Our proprietary process compares and analyzes the criteria of the nominated attorney with his or her peers, accurately and fairly delivering the efficient and effective data necessary to move forward with our review.

The established method identifies the attributes of select attorneys who are considered for membership by establishing who belongs in the top 1% of our nation’s most accomplished practicing lawyers.

logo Attorneys invited to be a Member of the Distinguished Justice Advocates must be eligible and meet our initial criteria for membership. Not all Attorneys who apply will be approved. It may be possible to require additional or supporting information for approval, and applicants who do not clearly qualify are denied membership. If membership is denied, fees paid by the applicant are refunded.

Attorneys invited to be a Charter Member of the Distinguished Justice Advocates must meet our initial criteria for membership. This includes being recognized for attaining certain honors or awards, achievement in trial results, or credentials as an attorney in good standing. This also includes being recognized with a high degree of peer recognition and/or professional competence or success. This could include certification as a state bar recognized specialist in a particular practice area, or admission to prestigious trial lawyer groups, colleges or academies, such as SuperLawyers®, Million Dollar Advocates Forum©, or The American College of Trial Lawyers. This could also include elements of successful attorney trial experience, education, attorney work background, special certificates earned, pro-bono work performed, and published materials by the nominated attorney.

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