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    Most people joke about how much they hate lawyers and I am one of those people. Sometimes in life though things happen where only a good lawyer can help. John was one of the three lawyers I decided to “interview” to handle my case and I immediately felt that he was the right lawyer for the job. He had me doing homework for my case before he received the signed agreement and my check. I believe his prompt action and the thorough groundwork he laid for my case were the reason my case was closed before I was even charged with anything. The most important thing he did for me, beside the legal work, was reassuring my wife that everything was going to be ok and not to worry. After she met John in person, her worry level dropped dramatically. (mine too for that matter) I highly recommend John if for any reason you find yourself in need of an outstanding criminal defense lawyer. If you call 911 you expect to get emergency treatment and calling John is like that. He doesn’t leave you hanging and works your case like it’s an emergency! He’s also a very nice person with a good sense of humor, just don’t offer to buy him a Dunkin coffee…you can ask him why not when you hire him.

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