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    Big AL been my attorney for the second time and he never did me wrong.he got me a loan with the city on lock down went out his way most attorneys won’t even attempt to do anything of the matter.good looking out j and after all this crazy stuff is settled down I know he’s going to get me the best offer or win this case

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    We had our small fights with communication, but in the end this SUPER LAWYER came through for me. He is a man of integrity, and ultimately does what he says along with his Staff such as Michelle. My settlement came in at the right time of this ” Corona Virus” GREAT FIRM! Just as he promised. I’ll recommend him

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    He is a liar who withheld my money knowing I needed it to hire counsel for a criminal case thank God for Alan Jay Saget who made him give me my money so I can be released from prison two different occasions I called home and he was there Jason Big Al fine NO GOOD likes taking advantage of women with addictions!!!!!! he knows I know an so do the people involved !!!!!!!

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