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  1. 5.0

    I am writing this review because it merits special attention.
    I believe that Jed and his staff’s professionalism, persistence,
    and expertise in negotiating makes them your choice for a Personal injury attorney.
    I was involved in a serious vehicle accident in June of 2015.
    The Jed Dietrich Law firm represented me in my no fault case.
    From the very first day they put me at ease they were there for me.
    Peg the executive paralegal is the most caring, understanding, and knowledgeable person I have met in quite some time. They handled everything. I was not hassled by insurance companies calling me directly. My lost wages were sent to me quicker than quick. I had no squabbles with medical bills and I did very little paperwork. Jed and his team definitely know how to minimize the stress! The Dietrich law firm made the circumstances more comforting due to their caring allowing me to concentrate on my recovery and get better so that I could go on with my life and get back to work.
    Everything is good now recovered pretty well and I am back to work.
    The Jed Dietrich law firm settled my case without years of litigation.
    Jed Dietrich is a stand up gentleman getting the results that people deserve.
    The results surpassed my expectations. The Jed Dietrich Law Firm will be referred with the highest regard. Jed and his staff will put you at ease.
    Their kindness and due diligence will long be remembered.
    When you need “Top notch representation” Call Jed!

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