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    My experience with Susan Hais is completely the opposite of what has been said here. I was contacted by Susan while I was searching for a lawyer to file a motion to amend modify or retrial in my custody case. I recieved an unfair trial because I was self represented and the family law community is completely corrupt. When I hired Susan I had high hopes but I quickly learned that who I thought I hired was not who I was getting as my representation. I never spoke to Susan again after the initial phone call. She was not in court the day of the hearing. Her replacement was awful. He wasn’t very confident in court and he didn’t give my case a good argument. He basically said the motion spoke for itself. My motion was denied. After they sent me the denial via email I have never spoken with Susan or Dan again. Numerous calls went unreturned. On the last bill sent to me there were charges that Dan told me he would not be charging me for. They want every nickel and dime. They put a charge on my bill for a family access motion I typed up that they were only suppose to file but never did. Unreal. Needless to say find some other way. This law firm is part of the CABAL of family court. Good luck finding a lawyer in family law that is not a part of the corruption.

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    Hands down Susan Hais and Caitlin Keene are some of the best Divorce attorneys in St Louis. After going through 3 other attorneys in Jefferson Co and getting the shaft from all of them, my case was a complete joke. I found Susan Hais, she took the case and felt I was clearly not being represented correctly. As you can expect I was about ready to just quit and give up, since being honest and truthful does not seem to get you anywhere these days in court. Susan stepped in and told me what to expect and the real costs worse case, to prove everything to go to trial. I did not want to spend anymore but understood. The first court date with Susan the other Attorney pretty much gave up and settled the case finally, I was amazed how worried and nervous he was, I am not sure what The two amazing Attorneys did to the opposing counsel in the Judges chambers, but it felt good to finally see a day in court going right for a man. During the whole remainder of the case Susan and Caitlin were always understanding of keeping their time time and billed fairly, they really worked for me and got it done. I was impressed and I am happy to highly recommend these two amazing Attorneys to several folks so far and will continue to recommend them to everyone I know who is in need of their services. Thanks again guys!!

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